We are following the breeding rules and regulations of the
Swedish Kennel Club and the Swedish Leonberger Club.
The puppies will be sold at the minimum age of 8 weeks old, registered,
with all papers as Veterinarian certificat, pedigree, passport, ID micro chipped, wormed and vaccinated.


We're expecting two litters later this fall!

First out is Quila (SE CH Dragongårdens Tequila Sunrise) who is bred to Carlos (Int Multi CH Cardamine's Caribba)

Inbreed percentage 0
"Carlos" has HD A/B, ED 0/0, eyes clear, LPN 1&2 and LEMP N/N


We're also expecting puppies between Kelly (Dragongårdens Worth The Wait) and McCoy (NO CH Skjaergaardens Bavarois De Mee Moo

Inbreed percentage 1,1
"McCoy" has HD A, ED 0/0, eyes clear, LPN 1&2 and LEMP hereditary clear


If you are interested to take a look at our latest previous litters you can find pictures below.


From the litter in May


From the litter in November


From the litter in October here

From the litter born in May here.


The litter born in January

The litter born in April


The litter born in February

The litter born in May


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